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ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS  equipment & work practices

Areas of professional activity include the evaluation of system design, controls methodology and process start-ups, as well as evaluations, failure analyses and equipment testing relative to personal injury/property loss matters. Site evaluations are performed to assess procedural practices as well as facility conditions. Collected data, project results, event simulations and professional opinions are clearly presented so as to effectively convey the applicable engineering principles and practices to concerned parties. Areas of Electrical Engineering expertise include, but are not limited to, analysis of the following:

Electric utility systems
Industrial/Commercial wiring systems
Residential wiring systems
Lighting systems
Protective interlocks
Programmable controllers
Electronic devices
Welding equipment
Machine controls
Work practice

Site examination, field testing, and laboratory analyses are conducted, as required, for each specific investigation or assignment. These specialized services are often required to evaluate conditions involving:

Leakage currents
Shock potential
Impressed voltages
Insulation quality
High voltage
Short circuits
Equipment performance

Conditions, simulations and displays necessary to document the origin and cause of electrical shocks, fires, and explosions are performed, as required, for specific assignments. For future visual presentation to concerned parties, these and other investigative activities may be recorded utilizing in-house videotaping capability or still photography.

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