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MACHINE  design

The scope of professional services offered includes the examination and evaluation of mechanical system design, operation and safety. These evaluations may be performed with respect to the intended function of the equipment, compliance with contractual requirements or industry standards, failure analysis, safety features and accident reconstruction. Professional expertise is available in all engineering disciplines required to support these activities and to conduct appropriate testing and evaluation, as well as to effectively communicate the resulting professional opinions in a concise, easily understood manner.

The range of mechanical systems evaluated and tested by AEL includes, but is not limited to:

Metalworking machine tools (lathes, presses, shears, etc.)
Plastics machinery (injection molding equipment, thermoforming machines, size reduction equipment, etc.)
Woodworking machine tools (saws, planers, etc.)
Automated packaging equipment
Paper and steel roll manufacturing equipment
Industrial process equipment (compressors, expanders, mixers, etc.)
Power plant, heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment
Engines (jet, turbine, reciprocating, etc.)
Industrial machines (lift truck, cranes, etc.)

Consumer equipment and appliances

Advanced engineering analyses, models, and exhibits are also provided to clearly represent conditions under evaluation and support expert opinions.

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