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The scope of professional services offered includes: analysis of static and dynamic structural loads, examination and evaluation of construction procedures, materials, specifications and drawings. Inspection and evaluation of as-built facilities (i.e. buildings, roadways, etc.) is also performed. AEL has the capability to test and evaluate construction and building materials. The results of all work are communicated in an engineering opinion report written in a concise and easily understood manner addressing the pertinent Federal, State and local codes as well as the appropriate industry standards and practices.

Engineering expertise provided in the structural and construction areas include but is not limited to, evaluation and analysis of the following:

Vehicle accident reconstruction relating to highway/roadway construction, material and design
Septic system design construction and performance
OSHA and industry (ANSI, ASTM, AISC, ACI, BOCA, NRCA, TP etc.) construction practices and design standards
Flat and pitched roof construction and design
Concrete construction design, batching and placement
Masonry retaining, foundation and above grade walls
Excavation procedures, shoring/stabilizing methods and requirements
Scaffolding analysis, procedures and industry standards
Underground tank system installation and performance
Geotechnical/foundation review
Site/area drainage design and performance
Structural steel design, fabrication and erection procedures/ industry custom and practices
Residential, industrial and commercial structural analysis
Static and dynamic stress analysis for dead loads
Wind effects on structures
Live loads forced vibration analysis
Structural vibration effects caused by blasting, pile driving, excavation and backfilling operations

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