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EXPLOSION  origin & causation

Gas and oil fired boilers
Water heaters
Space heaters
Pressure regulators
Control systems

Professional services include conducting site examinations and associated equipment/appliance testing to determine explosion origin and cause and provide written opinion reports to document findings. Functional testing of appliances and equipment include:

Engineering evaluations and testing activities that are available include:

On-site retrieval of specimens and equipment
Chemical analysis
Macroscopic and Microscopic examination
Products of combustion analysis
Pressure and temperature recording
Conductivity, voltage and amperage readings

In addition, analytical evaluations and tests related to physical explosions resulting from compressible and non-compressible fluid pressures are performed. Evaluations performed include hydraulic (oil and water) as well as compressed noncombustible vaporous and gaseous explosions. Exemplar equipment typically evaluated includes air compressors and air distribution systems, bottle gases, steam boilers, stills and heaters, tanks and similar types of equipment.

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