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Joseph J. Kubrak, P.E.
Civil Engineer
  • Mr. Kubrak holds his Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ. He is a professional engineer licensed in Pennsylvania.

  • Mr. Kubrak’s professional experience includes forensic engineering investigation and evaluation of design and construction elements related to civil, mechanical and safety engineering including walkways, stairways, roadways, and building and industrial construction. His work also includes civil and safety engineering analysis related to OSHA, building code compliance, accident evaluation and cause and origin analysis, and work site practices and responsibilities.

  • Prior to joining AEL, Mr. Kubrak served as a Field Engineer, Project Engineer, Superintendent and Manager for various branches of a major construction and engineering firm in the New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Virginia, Florida, Washington, Indiana and Kansas areas. His work included construction and project management and performing engineering design and evaluation for construction projects involving concrete placement, structural steel installation, roadway construction and piping systems.

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